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Coming out of Covid-19

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

As we deal with the uncertainty of Covid-19 and think about emerging from the lockdown a lot of HR practices have been guided by the special provisions put in place by the government as response to an emergency situation to support employment and businesses. Each day gives a sense that we are closer to the era of “new normal” - something that will mean different things to different business owners.

A good mind-set for trying to identify your new normal is to try and visualise your customer’s version of it. How have they been impacted? What are their new challenges? What are they looking for from you? Do you know what their customers are doing? The changes that life after lockdown will impose on their business is going to have a knock on effect on your business too. Some of these will be the immediate short, sharp knock while others will be more gradual and long-lasting.

"Standing still is never and option and we can be sure that attempting to do the same thing will get a different result."

Standing still is never and option and we can be sure that attempting to do the same thing will get a different result. Key to your organisation’s recovery and future success will be its competence and its appetite for change and risk.

Customer requirements drive your organisation’s competency framework. An analysis of your customer’s requirements, now more than ever, is key to shaping the profitability of your business during and after the recovery phase. Covid-19 may have stalled growth in your relationship with your customers, or you could be sliding to the exit ramp if you and they fail to adapt to new challenges.

The need to partner with customers is not an end in itself. Discovering their needs will drive your analysis of your own employees’ competencies, company policies and the scale of changes that are required. This outside-in focus will help committed employees work on activities that deliver value to customers and communities. Companies that work with their customers pro-actively will emerge from the Covid-19 era faster and more secure. Managing the change process as one of trust allied to the right decisions will benefit the most people possible and build a future, changed business.

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