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About Us

We work with businesses that are small - and businesses that are now medium.  We support businesses who rely on seasonality in their labour force, to organisations for whom retention of key skills is the DNA of their uniqueness. 


No matter where your company is on the growth curve or human capital scale, adopting best HR practices for all scenarios brings outcomes that range from cost-effective compliance to developing a committed workforce.  We work with clients from 5 to 250 people (and more) to give them the tools and expertise to manage their people.  .  

HR is part of every business owner’s to-do list and also of their leadership team. It might not be core business every day, but getting it wrong can strike right to the beating heart if your business. 


We provide expertise across a range of HR activities, as and when you require them. 


Harty Virtual HR allows you to lease the expertise without the cost of owning the asset. 


We provide a tailored business support package from initial compliance to guidance on workplace issues.

Conor Harty


Harty Virtual HR is building on the combined experience of employee relations advice and the identification and growth of talent in organisations.  Conor Harty has worked with a wide range of organisations across Ireland in providing a creative, solutions-driven service to enable growth and success.  Our service offering has grown in recent years and is now formally expanding to provide a broadly based, end to end support to clients, from souring talent, assisting in its management, developing capability, while maintaining legislative compliance.  Our enthusiasm and expertise for HR is a client investment that allows companies to trust us with the creation and innovative of robust, business-focused solutions.  Our interest in supporting your business is driven by seeing it succeed through your dedication to its core operational, financial and commercial activities. 

We work closely with a range of flexible commitments and interventions to take your business from basic compliance to professional performance management and onwards to growth based on developing talent in it.  With a primary degree in Production Management, an MSc in Human Resource Management from the Kemmy Business School at the University of Limerick, Conor Harty has over 20 years of working with client in understanding their needs and providing solutions.  Confidentiality is cornerstone of our business so call us for an initial discussion on how we can support your business with smart, efficient guidance on how to manage your people and focus on its wellbeing and growth.  

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