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Harty Virtual HR partners with not-for-profit Organisations!

Harty Virtual HR partners with not-for-profit organisations to successfully manage key appointments at Chief Executive and senior leader levels. We invite you to read on to learn about how and why we do this.

Harty Virtual HR has established itself as a key partner to not-for-profits and organisations with charitable status. It is a sector that we enjoy working in and have met many outstanding people who volunteer to serve on the boards of various organisations over the past decade.

We have partnered with clients in the palliative care, social care, community and disability areas to professionally manage search and selection processes for Chief Executives and other leadership appointments. We provide voluntary boards with the assurance that an end-to-end robust process grounded in corporate governance will deliver choice to them for critical appointments.

Each organisation is different, and this diversity brings challenges. However, all board chairpersons, board members and HR committees have a common interest in looking after the health of their organisation’s stakeholders - from staff, to service-users and their families, to volunteers. For Harty Virtual HR, we see the building of our knowledge of each organisation - its mission, its values and its strategy to deliver - and we anchor our market research and candidate attraction in this.

Without fail, our research capability allows us to professionally engage passive candidates and, armed with our knowledge of the hiring organisation, we can differentiate our client’s offering and the potential opportunity being offered to candidates. Our approach is grounded in our clients having genuine choice.

We recognize the voluntary nature of the commitment of board members so we work as a back office partner, drafting competency-based question templates and marking schemes in which to set robust compliant interview processes. We ensure the continuation of this compliance and governance approach with confidential management of the latter stages of the process. We can also work with you on the on-boarding phase with the successful appointee.

All of us know and support many voluntary organisations that contribute hugely to life in Ireland. We are delighted to support them with our expertise.

Call us for a confidential discussion on how we can work with your organisation and its board on senior leadership appointments.

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