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Key Services

HR is part of every business owner’s to-do list and also of their leadership team. It might not be core business every day, but getting it wrong can strike right to the beating heart if your business.  We provide expertise across a range of HR activities, as and when you require them. Harty Virtual HR allows you to lease the expertise without the cost of owning the asset. 

Harty Virtual HR is a trusted partner to you in running your business.  Growing your business is your business, we provide the assurance that your HR policies are compliant and assist you in making sure that your management practices are professional. 


Our interventions range from an audit of existing practices, putting the building blocks of a professional structure in place to advising you on people strategies to reach your growth targets.  In a world driven by cost and lean management interventions, we support our clients with remote support, from “checking if it is OK to …” to coming on site to provide efficient, knowledgeable advice and guidance to deal with issues that arise unexpectedly.  It is a service that is readily accessible at a fraction of the cost of having an experienced, full-time HR professional on site at all times.  

HR Essentials – Compliance Check and Enhancement

The employment relationship has become progressively more regulated which imposes obligations on all companies, including SMEs, to comply with aspects of the relationship on an end to end basis. 

We strive to strike the balance between your needs in running a business and your responsibilities to your employees in engaging them for their knowledge, skills and attitudes.  The employment relationship starts within 5 days of a person joining your company with the issuing of basic information outlining the nature of the work, rate of pay, etc.  We will audit the basics of what is required to be compliant including, contracts of employment, employee handbooks, time and attendance records and other required documentation.  We will work with you in assessing your level of compliance and provide a roadmap to close out any areas where there an error or oversight to reduce your exposure to prosecution or litigation. 

Proactive communication is the cornerstone of creating a positive environment and ensure compliance with all relevant legislation.

Retained HR Support

Cost-effective expertise provides peace of mind and certainty to business owners.  You want to know that issues that arise and lead to uncertainty can be addressed with comprehensive, knowledge-based advice.  The role of HR is to help your organisation make good business decisions that are matched with your appetite for risk. 


As a retained partner, we will work with you to know your business as if we are on-site with you every day, so that when you call, we are in the room with you.  Our starting point will be our familiarity with you and your team and your business’ core processes. 


We value learning from experience, so we can work with you to improve your business and eliminate the diversion of management time to repeat problems. 

On-Site Presence

We can support your management team by being on-site for a set period each week.  This allows time for 1-1 coaching and development of leaders as well as assistance with challenging performance management issues as they arise.  HR is about understanding and solving people related problems in organizations. In fact, HR often requires tough people choices to assure business results.  Developing leader’s competence in managing performance issues is an investment in aiming for in-house resolution of issues and preventing escalation to third-party adjudication, which is costly and consumes resources.    

Executive Search

We have over 20 years’ experience in working with clients in confidentially sourcing talent for their leadership teams.  We provide a comprehensive mapping of the marketplace and give our clients a comprehensive choice of candidates.  We have completed numerous assignments for clients in the FDI and indigenous sector under this methodology.

Advertised Selection

Our experience of working with voluntary boards and Chief Executives of Not-For-Profit organisations has seen us provide the reassurance of end-to-end governance in candidate attraction, assessment and selection process management.  We simplify the complexity of the appointment process, from competency identification, to structuring interviews for board representatives through to thorough reference checking and brokering of the offer of employment. 

Services Provided to SME Sector

  • Recruitment Advice and Assignment Execution

  • Contracts of Employment and Associated Legislation Guidance

  • Employee Handbook and Policy Development

  • Performance Management Coaching

  • Redundancy Support

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