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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Role objective

The Chief Executive is responsible to the Board of Directors for the effective and efficient operation of Novas . She/he gives effect to the aims of the Board in leading and managing the day-to-day activities of the agency and ensures its strategies, policies and procedures are implemented consistently and to a high standard. This involves ensuring the values of the agency are effectively communicated, understood and practiced in all activities. She/he will advance our vision, values and mission and enable Novas to achieve its strategic objectives by working collaboratively with the Board; and giving leadership to managers and staff as well as ensuring the most efficient use of resources in the development and implementation of appropriate policies and programmes. She/he will act within the policy, financial, governance and other limits set by the Board.

The following is a detailed description of the role of CEO under its key headings:

1 Governance

  • Has responsibility for the continued development and implementation of Novas’ vision and strategic plan.

  • Supports and collaborates with the Board to build and develop a culture of good governance practices and standards and ensure these underpin all aspects of our activities.

  • Supports the Board by reporting and providing advice on significant issues that have the potential to impact the agency.

  • Has the key leadership role in communicating the ethos and values of Novas.

2 Strategy and Policy

  • Collaborates with the Board to develop and implement the agency’s strategic plans and policies. Furthermore, promotes the objectives of the agency as a provider of quality services for people who are homeless, as a responsible landlord for tenants, and as a caring and campaigning body for people who are socially excluded.

  • Researches, costs, plans and, where approved by the Board, develops new or enhanced services with detailed milestones and budgets.

3 Management

  • Leads and motivates managers, staff and volunteers to practice the agency’s values; provides quality services; and achieves the objectives of strategic plans. Further, ensures performance in strategic/operational plans is evidenced and evaluated.

  • Leads and motivates the managers, including the Senior Management Team (SMT), to develop and implement operational plans for each service/project which support the agency’s strategic plan.

  • Leads and motivates the SMT to work effectively as a team and ensures its executive, co-ordinating, consultative, and advisory roles are fulfilled and facilitates the development and improvement of the management, work and services of the agency.

  • Leads, motivates and supports each senior manager to ensure they fulfil their own role competently and achieve agreed targets.

  • Ensures effective two way communications and dialogue with staff and clients about the work of the agency at local and national levels.

4 Operations

  • Has overall responsibility for the provision of quality services consistent with the values of the agency and its policies and which meet the needs of clients.

  • Ensures the operations of the agency are efficient, effective and appropriate and that they contribute to the achievement of strategic goals.

  • Monitors day-to-day delivery of programmes and services and maintains or improves quality to ensure that Novas’ managerial and staff resources are of the quantity and quality necessary to achieve the agency’s objectives.

  • Has overall responsibility for the development, management and estate management of our properties, and acting responsibly as a landlord of social housing.

  • Ensures that all operations, services and management support services are underpinned by good quality assurance standards, including performance indicators, and are evidenced by the collection and analysis of relevant data.

  • § Ensures that management and work practices at all levels and categories of activity promote clients’/tenants’ rights and participation in matters affecting the clients/tenants and their relationship with the agency and society.

  • Ensures the requirements of funders of services and terms of capital borrowings are complied with on time and to the standards required.

6 Finance and Fundraising

  • Has final responsibility for all financial activities, and management of the agency’s finances and assets. Specifically, the CEO ensures the agency implements good practice financial and fiduciary standards and that the financial position of Novas is safeguarded.

  • In conjunction with the Head of Finance, prepares for Board consideration and approval a set of accounts as required by the Companies Office, Charities Regulator and/or any other Regulatory Body.

  • With the Head of Finance and Audit/ Finance Committee proposes an Annual Budget.

  • Ensures effective internal controls, financial management and information systems/reports are in operation, as approved by the auditors and/or decided by the Board.

  • Ensures the procedure for the appointment of auditors is followed and preparation of the annual audited accounts is on time.

  • Secures the maximum funding/income available from statutory, commercial, public and private sources and ensures there are systems and reporting arrangements whereby any conditions and requirements of the funder/donor are complied with.

  • Ensures that all necessary steps are taken to establish and maintain a high level of communication, cooperation, participation and a close working relationship with the statutory funders and philanthropic donors.

  • Ensures all fundraising activities (internal and external) on behalf of the agency reflect our values and objectives, do not damage the reputation of the agency and are carried out practicing appropriate ethical standards.

  • Takes responsibility for identifying and developing significant additional sources of funding to support the work, development and sustainability of the agency.

  • Ensures the agency utilises practical and appropriate information technology systems having regard to data protection legislation and standards.

6 Organisational Development

  • Has overall responsibility for the development and oversight of employment and human resources policies, procedures and practices for staff and volunteers which reflect our vision and values.

  • Ensures HR administration systems, including recruitment and promotion procedures, provide relevant and accurate information on staff and ensures employee assistance initiatives, training and manpower planning operate to a high standard.

  • Ensures there is effective and fair recruitment, management, training, supervision, co-ordination and support of all staff which reflect the values of the agency and which support and facilitate staff to work efficiently and harmoniously.

  • Promotes a culture where everyone is valued and equipped to do their job and where there is diversity and equality of opportunity.

7 External Representation

  • Is the principal representative, negotiator and spokesperson for the agency and ensures the reputation, values, policies and plans of the agency are protected and promoted at all times. This representative role includes clear and effective communications/contacts with statutory agencies, other external stakeholders/interested parties, public representatives, other voluntary organisations promoting social inclusion and the media and represents the agency at conferences and similar events.

8 Self-development

  • Is informed on developments and policies in housing, homeless and social inclusion issues and keeping abreast of new initiatives.

  • Is responsible for her/his own professional development and safe work practice.

  • Ensures a safe environment for herself/himself, colleagues, volunteers, clients, tenants and visitors.

9 Other duties

  • Undertakes such other duties as may be reasonably determined by the Board of Directors from time to time.

Key performance indicators

a) Achieving targets set in the Strategic Plan and key tasks in operational plans.

b) Validation of quality assurance standards of practice in all activities and compliance with regulatory standards.

c) Achieving targets agreed with the Board in key personal performance activities.

d) Achieve financial and budgetary targets.

The Candidate

The CEO will have a good knowledge of the sector in which we operate and an empathetic understanding of the people that we advocate on behalf of and support. The following outlines the key candidate attributes, but the preceding statement with its emphasis on social inclusion, is the starting point with respect to who the successful candidate will be and what the person must bring to the role.

Candidate Attribute



  • Keen knowledge and understanding of the sector in which Novas operates.


  • Third-level qualification

  • Additional qualifications in management or public policy issues.



  • Minimum 7 years’ management experience with at least 3 years at senior management level.

  • Deep knowledge of public housing policy and keen awareness of the social and political environment.

  • A strong record/evidence of achievement and expertise at strategic level.

  • Proven financial management skills and business acumen.

  • Excellent advocacy skills including research, reporting and negotiations.

  • A strategic thinker with the ability to assess the present, possible scenarios and devise appropriate actions.

  • A proven ability to develop and implement a vision and strategy.


  • Evidence of implementation of a major strategic initiative.

  • Successful delivery of major change programs.

  • Experience in managing budgets of the order Novas manages annually.

  • Track record of developing funding streams.

  • Track record of cultivating philanthropic donors.

Personal Attributes


  • Concur with the ethos of Novas.

  • Ability to advocate on behalf of marginalised and disadvantaged in society.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills to lead, motivate and get the best out of people.

  • Strong problem-solving skills.

  • Creative and innovative

  • Values diversity and inclusion.


  • Strong interest in supporting the development of staff

  • Possess the drive to communicate the Novas story.


Our Head Office is in Limerick. We also have offices in Dublin. The successful candidate will be headquartered in either centre. Regular travel is involved to locations in Munster and around Dublin. A clean driving licence and willingness to travel is essential.

The successful candidate will require Garda clearance.

The CEO will have access to various types of records/information in the course of our work. Such records and information are strictly confidential and unless acting on the instruction of an authorised person, on no account must information concerning staff, or people we support be divulged or discussed except in the performance of normal duty. In addition, records may never be left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can obtain access to them and must be kept in safe custody when no longer required.

Application Process

Please submit an up to date curriculum vitae and a cover letter outlining your suitability and fit for this post by email to Conor Harty at conor@hartyvirtualhr.ie by 5:00 p.m. on Friday 3rd December 2021.

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